Mingzhen Tian’s research interests

Laser atomic spectroscopy, nonlinear and quantum optics, and quantum information science.

Currently focused on rare-earth based solid state quantum memory and quantum computation, which are the important components in developing quantum information science and technology.  The research also include investigation of laser spectroscopic properties of rare-earth ions trapped in inorganic crystal lattice at cryogenic temperature, the coherent and incoherent processes under the excitation of composite laser pulses, and the influence of the static electric and magnetic fields. Study of these processes provides the information needed to understand and control the physical systems to demonstrate quantum memory and robust quantum logic gates. Research activities involve both experiments and theoretical modeling. Student research projects are currently carried out at both graduate and undergraduate levels.


Current projects:

  1. Rare-earth ensemble based solid state quantum memory.
  2. Robust quantum logic gates based on geometric phase.
  3. Multipartite entanglement in GHZ diagonal states.