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Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

The School of Physics, Astronomy and Computational Sciences (SPACS) at George Mason University organizes weakly Colloquiums. These are formal seminars given usually by invited visitors and geared for the general physics researcher audience. Here we announce the colloquiums in the quantum physics areas, including condensed matter, atomic and high-energy physics.

The SPACS colloquium website is here.

Other seminars at GMU:


Fall 2012


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Quantum over brunch

Quantum over brunch is an informal seminar and journal club series at the Center for Quantum Science at George Mason University. We meet a few times a month to discuss topics of current research interest in the general fields of condensed matter, atomic and high-energy physics.

The meetings are organized by the faculty of the Center. We welcome all graduate students, postdocs and faculty at GMU interested in quantum physics. Our goal is to create a forum in which we can have conversations about the hottest current research topics, and both stimulate and satisfy our curiosity about quantum phenomena.

The format for this club is somewhat open: sometimes we host external visitors who give an informal seminar. Sometimes, a Center member discusses his or her work, or interesting journal research articles. We start every topic at a very basic level, and expect a vibrant audience participation. By asking questions, we all hope to learn the subject. We believe that students interested in quantum physics will set the stage for the level of discussion.