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Funding institutions and agencies

National Science Foundation
Department of Energy
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Office of Naval Research
Air Force Office of Scientific Research


Collaborating institutions:

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Naval Research Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University, Institute for Quantum Matter
University of Pittsburgh

Individual collaborators:

Charles Clark, Vincent Liu
Zlatko Tesanovic, Arun Paramekanti, Anton Burkov


Updated on 07/30/2012



Contributed talk: P.Nikolic, Charge and spin fractionalization in strongly correlated topological insulators, APS March Meeting, Boston
Invited talk: I.Satija, Dark and Bright Solitons in Strongly Repulsive BEC, International Conference in Non-linear Systems, Puebla, Mexico
Invited talk: I.Satija, Topological Insulators in ultracold setting, University of Massachusetts


Invited talk: P.Nikolic, Charge and spin fractionalization in strongly correlated topological insulators, Condensed Matter Physics Seminar, Johns Hopkins University
Invited talk: P.Nikolic, Theory of correlated superconductors: s- …



Updated on 07/30/2012



S. G. Bhongale, L. Mathey, Shan-Wen Tsai, Charles W. Clark and Erhai Zhao, Bond Order Solid of Two-Dimensional Dipolar Fermions, Physical Review Letters 108, 145301 (2012).
Predrag Nikolić, An effective theory of fractional topological insulators in two spatial dimensions, unpublished (2012). arXiv:1206.1055
Chester P. Rubbo, Indubala I. Satija, William P. Reinhardt, Radha Balakrishnan, Ana Maria Rey and Salvatore R. Manmana, Quantum Dynamics of …




Yuri Mishin

Planetary Hall 213, MSN 3F3, GMU (web page)

Ph.D: Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Russia, 1985
Expertise: material science




Predrag Nikolic

Assistant Professor
Planetary Hall 363A, MSN 3F3, GMU (web page)

Ph.D: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004
Expertise: condensed matter theory




Phil Rubin

Planetary Hall 359, MSN 3F3, GMU (web page)

Ph.D: University of California, Los Angeles, 1989
Expertise: high energy physics experiment




Indu …

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High-temperature superconductors
Atomic, molecular & optical physics
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The Center for Quantum Science at George Mason University gathers researhers from the School of Physics, Astronomy and Computational Sciences whose interests span condensed matter physics, atomic, molecular and optical physics, materials science and high energy physics. The main purpose of the Center is to stimulate the research productivity, interaction and collaboration among its members, create a …

Research areas

Condensed matter theory: P.Nikolic, I.Satija, E.Zhao
Condensed matter experiment: K.Vemuru
Atomic, molecular and optical physics experiment: K.Sauer, M.Tian
Materials science: Y.Mishin
High energy physics experiment: P.Rubin